07 June 2009

JLS – Beat again

I am very happy for the members of JLS that being runners up was not a bad thing for them. Alexandra won X-Factor and has yet to bring out any new material. So being told of this song I thought okay let me YouTube it and have a listen.

Indeed the song is catchy but its so pop-tastic that I just cannot work out if I like it or not. It may grown on me as I listen to it more often. Though I am hoping and praying there is a credible R&B version doing the rounds. I may just ask my DJ brother if there is any.

JLS on x-factor were a vocal harmony group whose voices floated and blended nicely along to the rhythm. Now it seems they are being pushed into a more safe pop group. JLS won votes and admiration by not being a pop group. One of my friends said it come like the “the black Westlife” or even more pop than “Blue”. Will need to hear more songs before I decide.

The 1st group in x factor to reach so far. If there whole album sounds like this I will give it a pass but…if there is that essence that got my attention is present than I will support them. Undoubtedly they have a huge fan base and I believe they will do well regardless.

What do you think of their debut single?


  1. Oh dear, this is so bland that it could blend in with the wallpaper. Sounds like they are trying to make them a UK version of N-Sync or BackStreet Boys. Totally unoriginal.

  2. for real. their vocals are wasted.

  3. I'm not a fan of their music! But I LOVE the video! (I'm biased tho, as my friend directed it! LOL)

    (",) xXx

  4. the video has been done well. really polished etc but its such a pity about the song the music the vocal arrangement.


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