23 June 2012

Gym Member

So yes my fitness improving has been slow and somewhat stagnate. On a whim I went to look at a gym with my friend and last week joined. I was adamant before that I would only workout at home but lately I have time on my hand so I am better of forgoing a makeup purchase or lunch date and be a gym member. 

My 1st week has been completed and it has left me in pain and my workouts pale in comparison to others. That fitness equipment I have at home that is not used often is now actually part of my gym routine. The good ole cross trainer. It hurts my thighs so much and often I do not feel I can go past the pain threshold. I manage 5 minutes only at present though this shall pass with time. My 1st day was the hardest which was with a personal trainer who showed me how to use the equipment to get the best results. 

I will blog updates on my fitness goals an weight loss aspirations on this blog as and when. Though over on my new fitness blog That Sweet Sugar Dumpling I intend to blog every few days. Right now my goal is to be more active once I have fully achieved that my next goal will be to adjust what foods I eat. Contrary to the popular belief systems about folk who are over weight I am not a food hoarder. I just need to be more active and eat more fruit and not skip meals. Breakfast is such a chore to eat but I will have to ensure I have it so I do not workout on empty.

One more thing I so need to learn to swim. I am going to save up for lessons. I have ordered some tankini's so I can dip my toes in the pool but I want to do more than just wade in the water.

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