01 June 2011

Kelly Rowland X-Factor judge UK

Yay, I am so happy that the X-Factor has a new line up. Many people were getting a bit bored of the mediocre talents judging others. I am dissapointed that Simon Cowell has gone though but he was losing his touch some what. Maybe his fire will be re-ignited in the USA. But that is showbiz huh. I am so going to make sure I watch the show especially as one of my favourite singers is now on the show Ms Kelly Rowland. Filmed auditions started today and doesn't she look lovely. Tulisa is in a successful group so it will be interesting to see what she is like. Gary Barlow is a semi veteran and writes songs for his own group Take That and other singers including himself so I cant complain about his choice. I just pray that Louis does not get the groups again. We are still suffering the sight of Jedward. Though he gets a slight pass for helping JLS. They are corny but make music pleasant enough to enjoy. If I know you and you are entering this major competition I wish you every success. 


  1. Anonymous5:13 pm

    I Love Kelly!!!...although i'm from the states so i was sad when she took up this job because she is blowing up the charts with her new single "Motivation"...I hope she does not abandon the U.S market

  2. Hey, I do think she will be a great judge and her singing career is growing from strength to strength. I just cant wait till the album


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