26 January 2011

My Birthday look

I know I hardly ever show my face on my blog. But as I was so happy with my Birthday look this past weekend I felt good enough to share. My Birthday was last week and I am grateful to God for allowing me to see another year. I hope and pray I finally get fit though. 
Anyway this is me sipping on a Singapore Sling. If it was not my birthday I doubt I would have spent £7 on one drink. It was absolutely gorgeous and really just tasted like pop so I downed that in no time. For my makeup I am wearing Urban Decay Naked palette, Sleek blusher in Sahara and Mac lipstick called Up the Amp. After consulting the lovely beauty bloggers on twitter @JennMUA @Vexinthecity @MissVirtue I settled on a brown bronzy smoked eye. When I tried on the lipstick in the shop it made me look like I had clown lips, but I  bought it anyway as I have wanted this shade for a very long time. Plus beauty bloggers and general beauty enthusiasts assured me I would look good with it. 

Singapore Sling Cocktail
There is no local Mac store or counter where I live, so I have to travel to Nottingham, Birmingham or Leicester. Nottingham being the closest I went there this time and I was very disappointed with the service. To think it was my birthday week and I had money to spend but the sales ladies were useless.

One more thing I have long stopped wearing dresses by themselves. I always opt for a dress that would look nice with leggings. However I thought I would be daring and just try something different. I wore a one armed black dress. The armed side was chiffon and the cuffs were covered in jewels. So on my bare arm I wore a bracelet that had matching bling. I have body issues which meant although I let the leggings go. I still opted for a pair of tights.
Thai Dusit - Thai Fish Cakes starter
As my birthday fell in the week I went for a meal on Saturday at a restaurant called Thai Dusit. The food was lovely. It is a pity some friends let me down at the last minute. Though overall I had a good time and met up with other friends whose birthdays also fall in January.


  1. Nessa9:12 pm

    Awww, belated birthday wishes hun!! You looked stunning :-)

  2. thank you very much!!


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