19 May 2010

Alexander Burke – All night long

I really do like the vocal talent and ability that Alexandra Burke has. I was disappointed with the second single though it grew on me. Whenever I see her perform she amazes me at how well she belts out her songs. The concept of her latest video is interesting. She held a competition for 50 of her fans to be in her latest video and they were all given Flip camcorders to shoot scenes in the video. So its a mixture of professional and amateur recordings. The video suits the song. It is very lively and groovy. I like it. I hope she continues to do well and her management team need to work harder.

In the 1st video you get to see her brother and sister who have cameos in the video. Though do to the party vibe you would know that if you did not know who they were. One more thing, Pitt Bull's thrown in rap would have been better suited to a hot remix. What are your thoughts? The single is out now on i-tunes.

The making of the video

The video

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  1. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Yeah i know im sooo addicted to the song :/ its really good...


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