28 May 2009

Weight Loss Tips x 10

A friend posted a link to a programme on the BBC called "10 Things you need to know about Losing weight". It was an hour long and I thought ok let me watch this. It was interesting to watch but a lot of what was discussed had been discussed already. Such as soup, protein etc making you feel fuller longer. Not doing a full review as just wanted to list the 10 points that were discussed.

1 – Do not skip meals

2 - Use smaller plates

3 – Count your calories

4 – Do not blame your metabolism

5 – Protein Staves off hunger

6 – Soup keeps you feeling fuller for longer

7 – The wider the choice of food you have the more you eat (buffet etc)

8 – Low-fat dairy helps you excrete fat

9 – Everyone burns fat, even when you finish exercising and when your are sleeping

10 – Keep moving and you will lose weight

Some are obvious such as numbers 10, 3 and 2. Whilst points 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 I have heard discussed many times before.

By the way the journalist name is Michael Mosley. One thing I did learn is that hidden fat is bad for you.

I can hear Wii and its army of get fit games and accessories calling me. But yeah didn’t really learn anything new. Just told in a different ways. How about you. Do you have any weight loss tips?


  1. Before you have something to eat, drink some water first. Sometimes you'll find that is enough and you were just thirsty not hungry.

    For about a week or so weigh out your portions. Go to the website love food hate waste and click on their perfect portions calculator. I thought I was going to have to eat rabbit sized portions, but some portions are bigger than I thought they would be.

  2. sounds interesting. everyone tells me to drink water. but water makes me feel even hungrier sometimes. i will check out that website

  3. Anonymous5:52 pm

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